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Speed Networking in a virtual environment through video conferencing is a fast-paced, interactive way to connect and network with various professionals or with clients online, engaging in brief, timed conversations before moving on to the next participant. See a quick video about this activity.

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Otto Acuña, CMC

Otto Acuna is an Internationally Certified Management Consultant that helps organizations to work better through strategy, operational improvement, and digital transformation. He is also a serial entrepreneur with currently 3 brands and lines of service:

1- A consultancy serving Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Equatorial Guinea – https://exyge.com,
2- A B2B business supporting small and medium consultancies worldwide – https://e-Consulting.Solutions
3- A private-clouds business for Central America and the Caribbean region – https://nubesprivadas.com

Otto has over 25 years of experience in managerial and non-manufacturing processes and industries. He has volunteered with the CMC-Global Institute since 2016 and is currently the Chair of the Institute. His vision for CMC-GI services is that they should support not only the consultant, but also the entrepreneur and therefore the speed-networking activity aimes at supporting our member’s commercial efforts and networking. 

An event to network with peers and clients

Expand Your Professional Horizon: Connect, Collaborate, and Create Opportunities at Our Tri-Annual Speed Networking Events!

Explanation of CMC-GI Speed Networking Sessions:

At CMC-GI, our Speed Networking sessions are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of both consultants and entrepreneurs within our community. Held virtually three times a year, these sessions offer a dynamic platform for participants to forge valuable connections, whether you’re seeking peer-to-peer interactions, potential client relationships, or broader networking opportunities.

As a participant, you can expect a well-organized event, tailored to the specific objectives of each session. For those focused on networking among consultant peers, we facilitate short, timed interactions, allowing you to meet and exchange ideas with consultants from around the world.

Alternatively, for sessions aimed at connecting consultants with potential clients, we arrange longer sessions, providing an opportunity for in-depth discussions and to showcase your expertise to interested parties.

Each Speed Networking event is unique, with its rules and structure announced two months in advance, ensuring clarity and preparation for all involved. Registration is carefully managed to balance the diverse group of attendees, making each interaction as fruitful and relevant as possible. Whether you are a seasoned consultant or a business owner in search of consulting services, our Speed Networking sessions are an invaluable resource for expanding your network, enhancing your practice, and discovering new business opportunities. Join us to experience the power of connection and collaboration in the professional world of management consulting.

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