Our CMC-GI Ambassadors

Annually, the CMC-Global Institute proudly collaborates with forward-thinking individuals who share our belief in the profound impact that high standards and competency assurance in the consulting profession can have on society. Our Ambassadors recognize that these standards benefit not just the buyers of management consulting services, but also contribute significantly to the economic and productive well-being of countries worldwide. Together, we are committed to elevating the consulting profession, driving excellence, and fostering a positive change in the global business landscape. For 2024, these are our CMC-GI Ambassadors:

Ahmed Badr, CMC  [EGYPT]

Founder, Board Member & Managing Director – AB & Associates, Management Consultant, Executive Mentor & Leadership Trainer.

Would you like to be our Ambassador in your Country?

The CMC-Global Institute is honored to collaborate with distinguished Ambassadors – esteemed professionals and public figures who are deeply committed to advancing the consulting profession in their respective countries. Our Ambassadors, selected for their integrity and professional excellence, may include government officials, business chamber leaders, prominent journalists, or influential individuals in positions that can significantly further the practice of professional, independent, and ethical consulting. Serving in an honorary capacity, these Ambassadors play a pivotal role in promoting CMC-GI’s values and standards. Each year, we mutually assess the continuation of this fruitful partnership, ensuring ongoing alignment and dedication to our shared goals. This prestigious role is an opportunity for high-caliber individuals to make a meaningful impact in shaping and elevating the consulting profession on a global scale. More information at ambassadors@cmcgi.org

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