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Unlock the Power of Flexible Learning with CMC-GI’s Asynchronous and Hybrid Courses

Embark on a journey of self-paced, transformative learning with CMC-GI’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). Our diverse course offerings, available in both asynchronous and hybrid formats, are designed to cater to your unique learning style and schedule. Whether you prefer the autonomy of asynchronous learning or the enriched, interactive experience of hybrid courses, our LMS provides an engaging, comprehensive platform to enhance your skills and knowledge in management consulting. Stay ahead of industry trends, delve into the depths of ISO 20700 standards, and prepare for a future of excellence in consulting. Explore our current courses and exciting upcoming developments – all tailored to empower your professional growth on your terms.

Embracing Asynchronicity in a Global Landscape

As a virtual global institute spanning across 16 time zones, CMC-GI understands the complexities and demands of catering to a diverse, international audience. Early in our journey, we recognized that traditional course delivery methods would not suffice for our widespread member base. This realization steered us towards prioritizing asynchronous courses – a strategic choice that allows consultants from any part of the world to engage in learning at their own pace, irrespective of their busy schedules. Our educational approach is firmly rooted in providing high-quality, asynchronous educational assets, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our learners. This focus allows us to deliver impactful, flexible training solutions that meet the unique needs of management consultants across the globe, reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity and adaptability in professional development.

Courses for Every Level

CMC-GI is dedicated to providing educational resources for consultants at all stages, from novices to seasoned experts. Our content is tailored to support and enhance your professional growth, no matter where you are in your consulting journey.


Our current instructional design focus is to create courses that can be consumed in small segments – aimed at busy people that struggle with having long periods dedicated to their own development due to the agitated lifestyle of consultants.

Different Sources Worldwide

Since 2018 we created a policy that fosters sourcing training material from different sources, even commercial ones, as long as those contents are of interest to consultants. Our offering comes from trainers whom we have partnered with, external courses and even commercial courses that we validate for credits towards our re-certification process.

Catch-up on missed webinars

Our live webinars do not have cost for our members, volunteers and members of other IMCs affiliated to ICMCI. If you have missed the date, we provide a low-cost way to watch the recording in our LMS, allowing you to accredit the points for re-certification purposes (generating a certificate of attendance).

Diversity of Traning Formats

We source and co-produce courses, programs and other professional development activities in a variety of training formats: from short Crash-Courses on specific competencies, to MasterClasses on technical topics and Hybrid Programs with several modules and instructor-led training.

Share your Expertise

We encourage our members to leverage their expertise and specialization into courses that can be co-produced and distributed by CMC-GI. This provides additional visibility and personal brand awareness to your instructors and members.

Our Most Popular Courses

Find below a short sample of the type of educational materials that we are producing to serve our consultants. These are not complete courses, but rather short 2-min samples that allow you to contextualize our professional development approach.

What People Are Saying

Become one of our Instructors!

At CMC-GI, we’re always on the lookout for knowledgeable professionals with a passion for teaching. If you possess expertise in technical subjects vital to consultants, have proficiency in specific tools or techniques, or have developed training courses ready to be transformed into e-learning formats, we invite you to collaborate with us.

By partnering with CMC-GI, you have the opportunity to turn your knowledge into a source of passive income, all while enhancing your personal brand. Reach out to us to explore the possibilities of sharing your expertise with a global audience and making a lasting impact in the world of management consulting.

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