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If you believe a member of CMC-Global Institute has not adhered to our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, we encourage you to file a formal complaint. This process is integral to maintaining the high standards we uphold. Please provide detailed information regarding the issue, which will be reviewed with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality. Your input is invaluable in preserving the integrity and professionalism of our community. Use the form below to submit your complaint.

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What constitutes a breach of the CMC-GI Code of Conduct and Ethics?

A breach involves any action by a CMC-GI member that violates the principles set out in the Code, such as failing to serve clients’ interests, engaging in unethical business practices, or not upholding the consultancy profession’s integrity.

Can I file a complaint if I'm dissatisfied with a project's outcome?

Complaints should focus on ethical breaches, not on project satisfaction or objective fulfillment. Issues related to project management or commercial disagreements do not fall under the Code of Conduct’s scope.

What kind of proof is required when filing a complaint?

When submitting a complaint, provide any evidence that supports the claim of an ethical violation. This could include correspondence, contracts, or other relevant documents. The form initiates the process and further detail or proof will be requested by the Institute as the complaint handling process advances.

What happens after I submit a complaint?

After submitting, the Institute will review the complaint and contact you for further information and proof. The process adheres to established procedures to ensure fairness and confidentiality.

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