Tender for a Consultant

At CMC-Global Institute, we are excited to offer you flexible and efficient ways to tender projects and source professional management consultants. Whether you’re looking for an individual consultant or require a team for more complex projects, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide two distinct options for tendering:

Option 1: Source an Individual Consultant

Our database is constantly updated with information about our members, professional consultants from all over the world, allowing you to easily search and find the right consultant for your project.

With various filters in place, you can streamline your search based on specific criteria such as expertise, location, and industry experience.

This option gives you the freedom to directly connect with individual consultants who meet your project requirements, ensuring a personalized and targeted approach to consultant selection.

This option will be fully operational by Q2-2024 as we finalize our Member’s Information Update Campaign. Before Q2, email our secretariat for guidance.

Option 2: Source a Team of Consultants with ISO 20700 QA Role

For more intricate projects requiring a team of consultants, CMC-GI offers a Quality Assurance (QA) service based on ISO 20700 standards.

With this option, CMC-GI will take an active role in helping you procure the right profiles from our member’s database and if you decide to proceed with the project, CMC-GI will be overseeing the quality of the engagement.

We will assign an ISO 20700 trained consultant to assist you in managing the project (1), ensuring that all procedures and interactions with the consulting firm adhere to international standards.

This option is particularly useful for complex, multi-consultant projects or when you require extra assurance and guidance in handling larger-scale engagements.

(1) Please note that in the assignment of an ISO 20700 trained consultant for overseeing good practices in your project, CMC-Global Institute upholds the highest standards of professional integrity. We diligently ensure that the assigned consultant has no pre-existing relationship with the team of consultants involved in your project. This measure is taken to guarantee the absence of any conflict of interest, thereby ensuring unbiased and impartial oversight throughout the engagement. Our commitment to these ethical standards is paramount in providing you with a service that is not only effective but also rooted in trust and transparency.

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