Make a Lasting Impact with Your Volunteering at CMC-GI

Seize the opportunity to make a meaningful difference at the Institute. Whether contributing to a committee, playing a key role within the Institute, or sharing expertise in webinars or events, volunteering enhances your personal brand, expands your international network, and earns recognition from peers and clients. Your involvement not only supports our mission but also enriches your professional journey. Leave your mark in the world of management consulting.

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Want to become a Committee Member or part of a special task force?

Help comes in many packages

CMC-Global Institute offer diverse ways to contribute across different options: our six committees: Professional Development, Certification, Membership, Marketing, Finance, and Governance.

Additionally, you can engage in project management with our special task forces or play a vital role in our operations. Whatever your skills or interests, CMC-GI provides ample opportunities to make an impactful contribution to the management consulting community.

What does it mean to become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer at CMC-Global Institute means to embark on a journey of impact and personal growth. It signifies a commitment to contributing your skills and knowledge towards the advancement of the management consulting profession. As a volunteer, you’ll collaborate with like-minded individuals, expand your professional network, and play a pivotal role in our initiatives. Volunteering is not just about giving your time; it’s about enriching your experience, developing new skills, and making a meaningful difference in a global community of professionals

Volunteers get maximum benefits from CMC-GI

Volunteering with CMC-Global Institute opens the door to a wealth of benefits. As a volunteer, you gain unparalleled access to professional development opportunities, enhance your leadership skills, and connect with a network of experts from around the globe. You’re not just contributing your time; you’re investing in your growth and expanding your horizons. At CMC-GI, we ensure our volunteers receive maximum value from their involvement, empowering them to reach new professional heights while shaping the future of management consulting.


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There are many ways to contribute, some may appeal better to your likes or support your personal objectives.

Whatever your preference, CMC-GI has a spot for you. Reach out and start your personal enrichment journey with CMC-GI Volunteering.

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