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Members’ Interviews

Discover the heart and soul of CMC-Global Institute in ‘Member’s Interviews.’ This captivating audiocast series delves into the lives of our members, officials, volunteers, and friends, revealing their personal journeys alongside professional triumphs. Each episode is a unique window into the passions and dreams fueling our community. Join us for an inspiring journey that celebrates the individuals shaping our world. Tune in, be moved, and connect with the stories behind the success

CMC-Global Institute Audiocast - By Consultants for Consultants

Pre-Recorded audio collections

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GI Audiocast Initiative

Dive into the world of management consulting with the CMC-Global Institute audiocast initiative, a curated collection of audio content developed by and for management consultants. This initiative offers the benefits of a podcast with greater ease of access. Whether it’s pre-recorded programs, insightful interviews, or engaging discussions, our audiocasts are designed to be easily accessible worldwide, without the need for subscriptions or navigating through various platforms. They are particularly bandwidth-friendly, making them an ideal learning tool in regions where streaming video can be challenging. The convenience of audiocasts allows you to enrich your knowledge on the go – during your commute, between client meetings, or even as you work. As part of our multi-channel effort to connect with members globally, the CMC-Global Institute audiocast ensures you have seamless access to valuable insights and expertise in the field of management consulting, no matter where you are.

External Events / Media

Youtube Channel

Explore the CMC-Global Institute YouTube Channel

Discover a wealth of topics on the CMC-Global Institute YouTube Channel, your go-to destination for public videos related to our activities and initiatives. This platform features a diverse range of content, from informative sessions to insightful discussions.

Excitingly, starting in 2024, CMC-GI is set to start producing live programs. These live sessions will be streamed through Streamyard, LinkedIn, and YouTube, enhancing our engagement with members and the broader consulting community. This development marks a significant step in our efforts to provide dynamic, interactive, and easily accessible content. Stay tuned to the CMC-Global Institute YouTube Channel for these upcoming live programs and a world of valuable consulting knowledge at your fingertips.

CMC-Global Institute Audiocast - By Consultants for Consultants

Discover the ICMCI Video Repository

Explore the extensive video repository of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), the parent organization of CMC-Global Institute and one of its 49 esteemed institutes. This valuable resource offers a wide range of videos from the global management consulting community, featuring insights, best practices, and thought leadership from across the world. Ideal for consultants seeking to broaden their knowledge and stay updated on international trends, the ICMCI video repository is a treasure trove of information and expertise in the field of management consulting.”

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