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Understanding the Landscape of Management Consulting Specializations

Navigating the diverse world of management consulting can be a complex task, given the broad array of services and expertise within the field. To provide clarity and assist clients in sourcing the right consultant, it’s essential to categorize the expansive domain of management consulting into more manageable practice areas and further into specific specializations. However, it’s important to recognize that there is no universally accepted standard for categorizing the various aspects of management consulting. Different organizations and experts may have their own interpretations and frameworks.

At CMC-Global Institute, we have adopted a categorization model proposed by the Consultant Development Ecosystem, a project led by e-Consulting Global Solutions OÜ. This model divides management consulting into distinct practice areas, each encompassing various specializations. This structure helps clients identify and select consultants with the precise expertise and experience suited to their unique business challenges. By understanding these categories, clients can make more informed decisions when choosing consultants, ensuring a more effective and targeted consulting engagement.

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