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Welcome to the CMC-Global Institute’s Classified Ads page, a unique platform tailored for our members and volunteers, as well as other IMCs. This service is dedicated to facilitating professional exchanges relevant to management consultants. Here, you can find items and services ranging from pre-owned laptops and consulting books to consultancy-related services and job postings. Ads are visually represented in JPEG format, with various acceptable sizes and dimensions. Hovering over an image reveals a detailed description and a link for further information. Ad cost EUR 8.50 per 60 days duration. Inquiries about this service at

Please note that CMC-GI solely provides a medium for these announcements and is not responsible for the accuracy of the ads or the outcomes of the transactions. Our role is limited to connecting our community for potential BUY/SELL opportunities, and we hold no liability for the transaction process or its results.

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