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Discover the power of local connection with CMC-GI’s new Regional and Country Chapters initiative, a vibrant extension of our global community. These chapters, formed in collaboration with our esteemed Training Delivery and Strategic Collaboration Partners, offer a unique opportunity for CMC-GI members to enrich their membership experience. By joining a local chapter, you gain the added benefit of personal, on-site interactions with peers in your geographic area, fostering a deeper sense of community and collaboration. Whether you’re looking to enhance the value of your CMC-GI membership or seeking firsthand insights into the benefits of joining our global network, these chapters provide a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and opportunities in a more intimate setting. Embrace this chance to connect, grow, and lead in the world of management consulting right in your region or country. Join a CMC-GI Chapter today and be part of a closer, more connected professional community.

Our first local chapter aimed at the distinguished Egyptian business and consulting community. Check their LinkedIn Page

CMC-GI Saudi

Currently an initiative underway through the effort of our Training Delivery Channel ARRC-SA.

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Are you ready to lead and inspire in your geographical area? Click here to create your own CMC-GI Local Chapter and become a pivotal figure in bringing management consultants together. Enhance the professional landscape in your region by fostering a network of collaboration, learning, and growth. Take this opportunity to shape the future of consulting in your community – start your journey now!

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