Partnering with the CMC-Global Institute

Universities & Business Schools

Universities and business schools have a unique opportunity to collaborate with the CMC-Global Institute, enhancing their Business and Management programs. By partnering with us, you can establish Consulting Clubs for undergraduate and MBA students, offering a practical, real-world complement to their academic studies.

Integrate International Standards content into your curricula to give your students a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Additionally, incorporating ISO 20700 training and Management Consulting Essentials content can significantly enrich your academic offerings, providing students with valuable, industry-aligned knowledge and skills.

This partnership with CMC-GI not only elevates the educational experience but also prepares your students to excel in the dynamic world of management consulting. With Universities we follow the base model of the Training Delivery Channel Program, but with unique characteristics to support the objectives of an academic educational institution.


Trainers and content developers have a unique chance to amplify their impact by partnering with the CMC-Global Institute.

Transform your proprietary courses into CMC-GI Accredited programs, opening doors to a wider, more diverse audience. By featuring your course on our platform, you can integrate it into the regular offerings of the Institute, significantly enhancing its visibility and reach. Whether it’s short courses or more extensive programs, if your content focuses on consulting-related topics, technical methodologies, or technology competencies vital for consultants, this opportunity is ideal for you. Join us in shaping the future of management consulting education and expand your professional footprint globally.

If you are a member of another IMC, check with your local institute if you can earn CPD credits for re-certification by collaborating with the CMC-Global Institute on training activities for consultants.

Commerce & Industry Chambers

Partner with the CMC-Global Institute to elevate the standards and capabilities of your local consultancies and your affiliate companies.

Our collaboration offers comprehensive training in international best practices for the consulting profession, ensuring your members are at the forefront of professional excellence.

Additionally, gain access to a global marketplace of top-tier, professional-grade consultants. This partnership provides various modalities to suit your needs, creating a unique opportunity for growth and global connectivity for your Commerce and Industry Chamber.


Enhance your business event by partnering with the CMC-Global Institute, the global voice of the management consulting profession.

We are eager to explore collaborative opportunities that can bring a new dimension of expertise and insight to your event. Whether it’s through keynote speeches, panel discussions, or bespoke workshops, our involvement can add significant value.

Reach out to our Secretariat to channel your ideas and discover how our collaboration can unlock mutual benefits and elevate the experience for your attendees.

Our Programs

The CMC-Global Institute currently has 3 programs to collaborate with third party organizations and individuals:

Business or Professional Newspapers or Magazines

Collaborate with the CMC-Global Institute and enrich your publication with a global perspective.

Our International CMC-Certified members are ready to contribute insightful articles on a wide array of business subjects and facets of the Consulting Industry and business community.

Elevate your publication’s stature and broaden its appeal by featuring content from world-renowned consultants, each an expert in their respective fields.

This partnership is an opportunity to infuse your columns with international prestige and diverse viewpoints, setting your content apart in today’s competitive media landscape.

Global Partnerships: Expanding the Reach and Impact of Management Consulting Excellence

The CMC-Global Institute, established in 2013 by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), is a non-profit, volunteer-driven beacon of knowledge and standards in the management consulting industry. Our foundational purpose is to extend the reach of ICMCI’s vision to regions across the globe where affiliated institutes are yet to be established. Currently, we collaborate with 48 institutes worldwide, but our mission transcends these boundaries: more than 170 countries and territories are included in our jurisdiction.

Our core objective is to elevate awareness within the business community and society at large about the pivotal role of internationally recognized standards in management consulting. We are dedicated to promoting the essence of a competent, professional management consultant, underscoring the importance of education and certification for those who serve the business community as experts. Our threefold mission encompasses Awareness, Education, and Assurance, particularly focusing on regions without a local Management Consulting national organization.

At the CMC-Global Institute, our partnership programs are not just an extension of our mission; they are the vital channels through which we disseminate the ethos of Best Practices in Consulting globally. We seek to forge alliances with esteemed organizations and individuals who share our vision and commitment. This includes:

– **Universities and Business Schools:** By collaborating with academic institutions, we aim to integrate cutting-edge consulting methodologies and standards into curricula, preparing the next generation of consultants with a global mindset and a commitment to excellence.

**Trainers and Content Creators:** We partner with trainers and thought leaders who bring innovative, practical content that enhances the skills and knowledge of practicing consultants, ensuring they are equipped to meet the dynamic challenges of the business world.

**Commerce and Industry Chambers:** Our collaboration with these chambers allows us to engage directly with the business community, offering insights and standards that elevate the consulting profession and contribute to sustainable business practices.

**Business Event Organizers:** By participating in and contributing to business events, we extend our reach, sharing knowledge and best practices with a broader audience, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development in the consulting industry.

**Business and Professional Publications:** Through partnerships with newspapers and magazines, we aim to amplify our message, sharing insights, trends, and success stories that highlight the value and impact of professional management consulting.

In essence, our partnerships are more than collaborations; they are a synergy of efforts and visions, aimed at nurturing a global community that values and upholds the highest standards in management consulting. We invite organizations and individuals who resonate with our mission to join us in this endeavor, contributing to a world where management consulting is synonymous with excellence, ethics, and enduring impact into Society as a whole.

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