Mandate and History

Our mandate is to provide you with a home

Founded in 2013 as part the “Breaktrhrough Strategy” by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), the CMC-Global Institute (CMC-GI) has a distinct mission: to extend support to management consultants located in regions without a national consulting institute.

Often referred to as the “white” spaces on the global map, these areas contrast with the “yellow” spaces where national consulting institutes affiliated with ICMCI already exist.

CMC-GI’s role is critical in bridging this gap, offering professional development, certification, and community to consultants in these underserved areas, thereby enhancing the global reach and impact of management consulting.

CMC-GI Covering the white areas of the world for Management Consultants


To provide the opportunity for professional management consultants residing in countries where national Institutes of Management Consulting (IMCs) do not exist, to join its global network.

Relationaship between ICMCI and CMC-GI

What We Offer

Global Recognition

  • A globally recognized trust mark for our consulting profession providing an important edge and access to securing consulting opportunities – both locally, and globally in over 50 countries.
  • Enhanced skills and body of knowledge that is gained throughout the CMC journey.

Demonstrated Professionalism

  • The CMC designation signifies peer accreditation and is recognized both nationally and internationally.
  • The opportunity to continue developing professional skills and your willingness to adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct demonstrates commitment to the Profession.

A Powerful Network

  • Access to a network of qualified peers, to test ideas, share approaches, and enhance expertise.
  • CMC’s also have the opportunity to contribute to the Profession, by volunteering in ICMCI committees and task special groups.

Our Journey just completed 10 years!!

CMC-GI: Our Journey up to 2023

Secretariat’s Operating Time Zone

UTC+3 (Addis Ababa, Amman, Cairo, Tallinn)


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Management Consulting as a Profession