Meet Our Board

The CMC-Global Institute (CMC-GI) is a volunteer-run organization and relies on professional management consultants that donate their time to build and maintain the Institute’s services and its network of colleagues around the globe. Our Board of Directors is composed by the following individuals:

Otto Acuña, CMC


Otto is the CEO of e-Consulting Global Solutions in Estonia and EXYGE in Costa Rica, serving both sides of the consulting Industry. He has over 25 years of experience in strategy, operational excellence and business automation in different industries. He is an Industrial Engineeer with an MBA in HR, with several certifications. Full profile can be seen in LinkedIn.

Tamara Abdel-Jaber, CMC


Tamara is a Partner at Amam Ventures, a Gender Lens investment fund and accelerator in the MENA region. As the Founder of Palma Consulting, she is an exxpert in governance, strategy design and execution, business and digital transformation. She is also Co-Founder of Women if Business Arabia. Full profile can be seen in LinkedIn.

Anis Jabsheh, CMC


Anis is currently an Advisor at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar. He has over 40 years of experience in the consulting industry, where he has been a partner in a Big 4 Firm. With a strong record of helping companies in the region, he encourages consultants globally to achieve the highest designation in consulting, the CMC-Certification. Full profile can be seen in LinkedIn.

Hani Obeid, CMC


Hani is a Co-founder, VP of Business Development and GM of Canada of, an end-to-end smart digital services provider. He works with both private and public sector firms to simplify and accelerate their digital transformation aspirations. Hani holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor of Science in Business. Full profile can be seen in LinkedIn.

Youssef Khalil, CMC


Youssef is the Managing Director of MBE Gulf and the Chairman of Mega Advisory, who specialized in corporate-level strategy, enterprise risk management, corporate governance and business management optimization. With over 20 years of experience in Big 4 firms, he collaborates with several organizations, including CMC-GI. Full profile can be seen in LinkedIn.

Salwa Anwar, CMC


Salwa is the CEO of FINVEST (Finance and Investment Consultants) in Cairo, Egypt. She has over 20 years in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management, equity research ,financial consultancy, corporate finance, investment banking, corporate restructuring, and turnarounds. Full profile can be seen in LinkedIn.

Khuzaima zaghlawan


Khuzaima has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Jordan and has decided to join CMC-GI as a key member and pillar of our Institution. As our Secretariat, she is involved in every aspect of the Institute and support our volunteer members to achieve their best. Her full profile can be seein in Linkedin.

Reema Nasser


Reema has a BA in Economics and Statistics and Political Science from the University of Jordan and is accountable for implementing the strategic plan of the International Council of Management Consulting Institute’s Board. She was previously the Executive Director of the Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers of Jordan (IMC-Jordan) and had worked for 15 years in the technology industry. Full profile can be seen in LinkedIn.

Volunteers wanted

Empower Your Career, Enrich Our Community – Volunteer with CMC-GI and Shape the Future of Management Consulting!

At CMC-GI, volunteering is not just about contributing your time; it’s about making a significant impact on your career and the broader management consulting community. As a volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to make the CMC-Global Institute work for you. You’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and an international network that can propel your career and consulting practice to new heights. By contributing your skills and expertise, you help shape the services and support we offer, directly influencing how the institute serves its member consultants, including yourself. Volunteering with us means being at the forefront of the management consulting profession, where you can drive change, foster innovation, and create a lasting legacy. Join us in this fulfilling journey, where your efforts not only advance your professional aspirations but also contribute to the global community of management consultants.

Professional Development

Volunteering with the CMC-GI Professional Development Committee is a chance to shape the training and growth of management consultants globally. You’ll help craft valuable educational programs while enhancing your own skills and network in the consulting industry. It’s a unique opportunity to influence and lead in the realm of professional development.


Joining the CMC-GI Certification Committee offers a distinctive role in upholding international standards for the profession. You will contribute to the evaluation process, ensuring candidates meet the rigorous criteria of the CMC-Certification. Additionally, you can provide invaluable mentoring to aspiring candidates, guiding them through their journey. This will enrich your experience and professional network.


Volunteering with the CMC-GI Membership Committee is an engaging opportunity to be at the heart of our community. In this role, you’ll connect with members, craft informative newsletters, and foster a welcoming environment. Your efforts will be key in maintaining vibrant member relations and enhancing the overall experience within our institute.


Our Marketing Committee presents a dynamic opportunity to amplify our institute’s mission globally. As a volunteer, you’ll strategize and execute marketing initiatives, reaching out to educational institutions and organizations worldwide. Your role is crucial in forging partnerships and collaborations that advance our development, education, and certification goals, significantly contributing to the growth and influence of the management consulting profession on an international scale.

Finance & Treasury

Being a part of the CMC-GI Finance and Treasury Committee is about much more than managing finances. In this vital role, you’re at the core of achieving operational excellence, a key factor in scaling up our institute. Your support will ensure the smooth running of our day-to-day operations, directly impacting our ability to enhance and expand the services we offer to our members. Your contributions will be instrumental in maintaining financial health and administrative efficiency, crucial for the continuous growth and success of our Institute.

Special Task Groups

The Special Task Groups of CMC-GI are dynamic teams dedicated to executing specific programs and agreements with external organizations within our own initiatives. You will be at the forefront of project management, steering targeted projects that are crucial for achieving specific objectives in professional development, marketing, or membership growth. Your role involves not just adept coordination and oversight, but also creative problem-solving and strategic planning. This is an ideal platform for those who excel in project management and are passionate about driving focused, impactful outcomes that align with our institute’s goals.

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