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We are committed to inclusivity, ensuring our membership is accessible to everyone, including students. This approach provides essential resources and opportunities for aspiring consultants, supporting a diverse range of individuals in their professional growth and contributing to the advancement of the management consulting industry globally.


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Join our Profession’s Global Community.

At CMC-Global Institute, our reach extends far beyond providing services in countries without a local institute. Our global presence is a powerful tool for expansion and internationalization, uniting a diverse family of professionally competent consultants. By joining us, you’re not just accessing unparalleled professional resources; you’re becoming part of a de-facto global network. This connectivity opens doors to international opportunities, fosters cross-border collaborations, and enriches your consulting practice with a wealth of perspectives and insights. Leverage CMC-GI’s extensive reach to broaden your professional horizons, connect with peers worldwide, and truly globalize your consulting career. Be part of our global family where every member plays a vital role in shaping a worldwide community of excellence in management consulting.

Future Programs

Get ready for CMC-Global Institute’s future programs and activities, designed to enrich your professional journey. These initiatives, part of our forward-looking roadmap, will offer enhanced opportunities for growth, networking, and skill development, adding significant value to your membership. Join us in embracing these exciting new prospects and advancements in the world of management consulting.

Speed Networking

Dive into CMC-Global Institute’s Speed Networking events, designed for enriching connections and expanding opportunities. Engage with fellow consultants and potential clients in a fast-paced, interactive setting. These events are ideal for growing your professional network and showcasing your expertise to a broader audience. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your practice prospects and make valuable connections.


In 2024, CMC-Global Institute is set to launch a new feature enabling potential clients to showcase their projects directly to our members. This initiative allows clients to expand their supplier base and invite proposals from our pool of professional consultants. Members will receive notifications of these opportunities, facilitating a streamlined connection with clients based on specific project needs and expertises, such as ISO 20700 training or CMC certification. This feature not only broadens the scope for client procurement but also opens up a realm of new possibilities for our members to engage in diverse consulting projects outside their home market.

Personal Showcase

Starting in 2024, CMC-Global Institute is introducing a significant enhancement for our members: Personal Showcase Pages. Every member will have the opportunity to create their own dedicated page within our database, highlighting their unique consulting expertise and services. This feature will serve as a powerful tool for potential clients seeking management consulting services, allowing them to easily search and filter through the diverse offers available. Your Showcase Page will not only increase your visibility but also provide a platform to effectively demonstrate your skills and experience to a global audience. Get ready to showcase your professional prowess and connect with potential clients like never before!

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