The Certification Committee of CMC-Global Institute plays a pivotal role as the custodian of the Institute’s adherence to the ICMCI Competency Framework. Entrusted with full accountability for the consulting services, this committee is integral to upholding the prestigious standards of the International CMC-Certification. Their rigorous oversight ensures that each consultant who bears the CMC title not only initially meets the stringent criteria set forth by ICMCI but also continues to demonstrate their commitment to excellence through mandatory re-certification every three years. This diligent process is vital for maintaining the integrity and esteem of the CMC designation, thereby safeguarding the reputation of the profession and the trust placed in it by clients worldwide.

Certification Committee Chair

Anis Jabsheh (UTC+3 Qatar)


Anis Jabsheh

Anis Jabsheh


UTC+3 [Qatar]

Olivia Chase

Olivia Chase

Committee Member

UTC-4 [Barbados]

Raed Rajab

Raed Rajab

Committee Member

UTC+3 [Palestine]

Silva Mesropyan

Silva Mesropyan

Committee Member

UTC+4 [Armenia]

The Certification Committee: A Global Collaborative Effort

Behind the formal faces of the Certification Committee, there lies a robust network of over 15 dedicated volunteers from around the world. These volunteers are integral to the Committee’s operations, contributing in various capacities such as mentors, oral assessors, and other vital roles. Their diverse expertise and unwavering commitment are fundamental to enabling the Committee’s work, ensuring the efficacy and integrity of the certification process. Together, they form the backbone of our endeavor to uphold the highest standards in management consulting.”

The Certification Process

Step 1: Apply for the process

Only Full Membership allows you to apply for the certification process. Do a thorough research on the requirements of the Certification and apply to become a CMC. Contact us if you have questions.

Step 2: Get acquainted with the Competency Framework

Studying the Competency Framework will allow you to contextualize your experience and past history with the competencies you will be evaluated against and enhance your level of preparation.

Step 3: Correlate your professional history with the requirements

By correlating your past projects and experience with the requirements (minimum consulting hours per year, application of the competencies in past projects, etc.) you will be able to choose the best projects to present as proof of proficiency during the process.

Fill the Engagement Summaries using the correlation done previously to help you present sound and robust experience that shows compliance with the Consulting Process which is based on the KUBR model. The clients on the summaries will be queried for feedback. Make sure you apply the topics of the MCE course into your redaction of the summaries.

Step 4: The Code of Conduct and Ethics

Comply with the requirement associated to Professional Conduct and Ethics. Post 2024 you will also have to pass a course on this matter. Finally, you will sign your adherence to the CMC-GI Code of Conduct.

Step 5: Management Consulting Essentials (MCE)

Study and pass the foundational content of the MCE and after 2024 either take the asynchronous MCE course or present the accredited diploma from one of our Training Delivery Channels or Strategic Collaboration Partners.

Step 6: Get scheduled for Oral Assestment and send Oral Exam Package to Assessors

Once you send the summaries and other information as a complete package to the Certification Committee, Assessors will be assigned and a date will be set for the Oral Exam. All documentation shall be presented in English.

Step 7: Get Assessed

The Oral Interview is conducted and your proficiency in the different competencies will be assessed. If you require assistance to present your Oral Interview in English, please indicate so early in the process, so that availability of support can be assessed. The official language of CMC-GI is English, but support in other languages might be available, depending on the native language of current assessors.

Step 8: Get Results

Two outcomes may result from the assessment :

a) The candidate may successfully provide enough proof of competency through summaries, the interview and other means.

b) The candidate may show gaps in experience and knowledge, which require a tailored development plan to cover those gaps, which the Chair of the Committee will present to the Candidate.

At CMC-GI, the Certification Committee rigorously assesses candidates for the CMC-Certification, focusing on their readiness and capability. For those who don’t clear the oral assessment, the Professional Development Committee steps in, guided by feedback from the Certification Committee.

The role of the Professional Development Committee is to work closely with these candidates, helping them strengthen their consulting skills and knowledge. This targeted support aims to address identified gaps, enhancing their potential for successful reassessment. This process reflects our commitment to support candidates’ professional development, guiding them as they become better-prepared for certification and their future consulting careers.

Streamlined Re-Certification Process

Navigating the re-certification journey is straightforward with a bit of regular discipline. By consistently documenting your industry-related activities, the re-certification process becomes a seamless part of your professional routine. Occurring every three years following your initial CMC-Certification, it’s designed to be convenient and efficient. Importantly, there’s no additional fee for re-certification – it’s covered under the annual CMC-Maintenance fee, included in your Full Membership.

CMC-GI Re Certification Process for CMC-Certification

The Certification Committee has worked diligently to ensure this process is as user-friendly and practical as possible, reflecting our commitment to your ongoing professional development. HERE, you will find our Re-Certification Policy, outlining the simple steps to maintain your esteemed CMC status. Also, there is a video interview to our Certification Director about re-certification in our Youtube Channel.

Apply for Certification Today

Elevate your consulting career by achieving the prestigious CMC designation from the CMC-Global Institute. This certification is designed for experienced consultants who already align with the ICMCI Competency Framework. Whether you’re an independent consultant, part of a consulting firm, or an integral member of an internal consulting team, our Certification Committee is ready to assess your competencies. Contact us to start your journey towards distinction in the management consulting industry. Stand out with your expertise and excellence.


Note: For junior consultants or those aspiring to develop their skills further to meet the standards of CMC certification, we encourage you to engage with our Professional Development Committee. They can guide you on the best path to enhance your capabilities and prepare you for certification. This targeted support will equip you well to undertake your developmetn and get into the certification process when you are ready. For more information on professional development opportunities, please reach out to Professional Development.

Secretariat’s Operating Time Zone

UTC+3 (Addis Ababa, Amman, Cairo, Tallinn)


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