Training Delivery Channels

Explore our Training Delivery Channels, where esteemed partners deliver world-class training and prepare consultants for CMC certification in regions where CMC-GI does not have physical presence.

Meet our dedicated Training Delivery Channels, committed to expanding the reach of CMC-GI’s standards and certification process in areas around the globe.

Arkan for Training Researches & Management Consultancy

Integrated system of various scientific and practical training programs

Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Arkan for Training, Research and Management Consulting was established on 9/21/2021, under the umbrella of the Retired Military Association, in order to support its service system and activities, and to contribute to supporting, qualifying and developing programs and plans for federal and local government institutions and all sectors of society in support of the wise government’s directions for the next 50 years.

+971 25505222

ARRC - Vision Achievers

Achieving Sustainable
Success, for Your Business Future

Olaya St, Al Wurud, Mawhiba Center, 1st Floor, Riyadh 12251, Saudi

Al-Arrab for consulting and digital solutions [ ARRC – ärk ] is one of those ideas that reach the succession level quickly. As a national consulting firm, it was our honor to work with government entities to create change and to make the transformation plan real. We lived some successful moments when our clients reached their goals, but our expertise in the field still gives the maximum value to other clients to achieve the national transformation plan.

+966 112152600

Which organizations serve as TDCs?

The Training Delivery Channel (TDC) Program, an initiative of the CMC-Global Institute, represents a strategic collaboration with prestigious training organizations, aiming to extend the reach of international consulting industry standards, particularly ISO 20700 and CMC (Certified Management Consultant) Certification, to regions where CMC-GI lacks a physical presence. This program is structured around a tri-annual agreement, meticulously overseen by a dedicated program manager from our volunteer base, who ensures adherence to the program’s objectives and the effective implementation of its strategies.

Under this agreement, our partner training organizations commit to providing foundational training for professional management consultants, facilitating preparation for CMC-Certification, and coaching candidates through the certification process. This collaboration is instrumental in bringing CMC-GI’s esteemed credentials and educational resources to individuals, organizations, and government institutions in these areas, thereby expanding the global footprint of the CMC-Global Institute.

The TDC program is more than just an educational initiative; it is a commitment to uphold and disseminate the highest standards of the consulting profession worldwide. Through this program, we partner with training organizations that not only share our vision but also demonstrate a profound capacity to educate and shape future management consultants. This partnership is pivotal in our mission to certify management consultants globally, promoting excellence and adherence to internationally recognized standards across the consulting industry.

CMC-GI accredited courses

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