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The CMC-Global Institute is the home for all management consultants that live or work over 50% of their time in countries or regions where no local ICMCI affiliated Institute exists.

If you need to transfer your membership to our Institute

Our Institute in Numbers


TIMEZONES. Our members are dispersed across the continents, requiring us to setup activities at 13 or 14 UTC for maximum coverage.


CONTINENTS. We have members from every corner of the world, providing great opportunnities for networking and cross-border collaborations.


YEARS OF EXISTANCE. CMC-GI was created in 2013 as part of ICMCI’s Breakthrough Strategy, to provide a solution designed for Management Consultants outside the coverage of the other 47 institutes.


OF MEMBERS ARE CMC-CERTIFIED. Most of our members are experienced professionals. Recently our Institute is looking to expand its reach to support the career development of those wishing to get into the profession.

Transferring into the CMC-Global Institute - How it Works

How it works

Transferring your membership to CMC-Global Institute is a straightforward and hassle-free process, designed for your convenience. If you are a management consultant currently affiliated with another IMC, simply request a document from your institute’s secretariat confirming that you are up-to-date with all obligations. Then, submit this document along with your transfer request to our secretariat. To be eligible, you should either reside or spend over 50% of your professional time in a country within CMC-GI’s jurisdiction. We’ve streamlined this process to ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to continue your professional journey with minimal disruption.

CMC-Global Institute welcomes membership applications from consultants affiliated with other institutes who have relocated to areas within our jurisdiction. If you’re an active member of your home institute but wish to engage with CMC-GI activities, you have the flexibility to do so. You can contribute as a volunteer with CMC-GI while maintaining your membership with your home country’s institute. This approach allows you to be a part of our community, benefit from our resources, and share your expertise, all while keeping your existing professional affiliations.

Secretariat’s Operating Time Zone

UTC+3 (Addis Ababa, Amman, Cairo, Tallinn)


C/O Maurer & Stager AG Fraumünsterstrasse 17/Postfach 318 CH-8024 Zurich

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