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Dive into the world of management consulting with a CMC-GI Student Membership, tailored for full-time students aspiring to be future consultants. We offer a supportive community and resources at a special, student-friendly rate. Join us to connect with industry professionals and gain early insights into your consulting career. Embrace this opportunity to grow and learn with CMC-GI – your first step towards a successful consulting journey. Sign up now and be part of our global network!


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Explore our range of membership categories, each with its unique features tailored to meet your professional needs. At CMC-Global Institute, memberships are on an annual basis, with invoices issued at the start of each year. For those joining in the second half of the year, we offer a prorated fee, allowing you to pay only for the remaining months of the year. This approach ensures flexibility and accessibility for all our members. Discover the right membership category for you and become part of our global community today.

Please Note:

All members must abide by the CMC-GI Code of Conduct.

that A Full Member who has earned the right to carry the Certified Management Consultant designation, is invoiced an aditional €25.00 annually for CMC-Certification Maintenance, starting at the moment it receives the designation and annually at the beginning of the year along with the membership fees. Please note that all payments have a payment gateway fee surcharge that depends on the channel used (credit card 8%, Wire € 35.00, PayPal 10%, WISE ask).

Global Network

Connect with a diverse community of management consultants from around the world. As a member of CMC-Global Institute, you gain access to an extensive network of professionals, offering unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, learning, and professional growth.

Recognition and Credibility

Enhance your professional standing with CMC-GI membership. Being part of our esteemed institute adds a mark of distinction to your profile, demonstrating your commitment to excellence in the consulting industry.

Professional Development

Stay ahead in your field with our cutting-edge professional development resources. Our members receive exclusive access to webinars, workshops, and educational materials designed to enhance their skills and knowledge in management consulting.

Innovative Resources

Leverage the latest tools and insights in management consulting. Our members benefit from access to innovative research, best practices, and thought leadership, helping them to stay informed and ahead of industry trends.

Give your professional life a boost!

Consultant's Corner
Consultant's Corner

The Consultant’s Corner is a unique, monthly online meeting space designed for the vibrant community of management consultants. Held every first Tuesday of the month, it’s a platform where CMC-GI members, members of other ICMCI affiliated institutes, and non-members alike gather to engage in open Q&A, share insights, and discuss a wide array of ‘consultant-to-consultant’ topics. This forum fosters a culture of sharing and collaboration, allowing participants to ask questions, provide feedback, and use the group as a sounding board for ideas in a supportive and interactive environment.

CMC-GI Consulting BookClub
Consulting Study Group

The Consulting Knowledge Study Group at CMC-Global Institute is a dynamic and enriching forum where members gather to explore a curated array of multimedia content, including books, audiobooks, podcasts, and technical papers pertinent to management consulting. This group is dedicated to fostering continuous learning and professional development, providing a space where members can engage in deep discussions and gain comprehensive insights into diverse facets of consulting. It offers an exceptional opportunity for consultants to network, exchange viewpoints, and expand their expertise through interaction with stimulating and relevant material, perfectly aligned with the evolving landscape of management consulting.

CMC-GI Regional Chapters
Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters in CMC-Global Institute represent a growing network of localized groups established across all continents, reflecting the institute’s expanding diversity and reach. These chapters provide a platform for CMC-GI members within specific geographic regions to meet, network, and collaborate both virtually and in-person. They serve as vibrant community hubs where consultants can engage in local activities, share region-specific insights, and contribute to the collective growth of the management consulting profession. As CMC-GI continues to grow, these Regional Chapters play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and connectedness among members worldwide.

International Certification

CMC-GI membership opens the door to obtaining the prestigious International Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation, a globally recognized credential in the management consulting industry. This certification, endorsed by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), signifies a consultant’s adherence to the highest standards of competence, ethics, and professional conduct. As a member of CMC-GI, you gain access to the certification process, resources, and support needed to achieve this distinguished mark of professional excellence, enhancing your credibility and career opportunities on an international scale

CMC-GI ISO 20700 Training Asynchronous Worldwide
ISO 20700 Training

CMC-Global Institute offers a unique opportunity for professional development through its ISO 20700 training, coupled with an exclusive ‘Membership Bundle.’ This package provides a comprehensive learning experience on the ISO 20700 guidelines for management consultancy services, along with the benefits of CMC-GI membership, all at a reduced cost. This bundle is an excellent opportunity for consultants seeking to enhance their understanding of international standards in management consulting while enjoying the full range of advantages that come with being a member of the Institute. It’s a cost-effective way to invest in your professional growth and align with global best practices.

CMC-GI Exciting Road Ahead
An exciting road ahead

CMC-Global Institute is on an exhilarating journey forward, driven by the valuable feedback and innovative ideas of our members. We are committed to understanding and addressing what is most meaningful for their needs and careers at every stage of their consulting lifecycle. Our members’ active engagement plays a crucial role in shaping our services and innovation pipeline, ensuring that the Institute’s offerings continually evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of the consulting profession. This dynamic approach allows us to stay at the forefront of professional development and member satisfaction, reinforcing our dedication to the growth and success of our global consulting community.

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