ISO 20700

ISO 20700:2017 – Elevating Management Consultancy Standards

Discover ISO 20700:2017, the guideline that revolutionizes management consultancy services. Created by the ISO Organization after an initiative brought by ICMCI, this standard is a testament to our commitment to innovation, ethical behavior, and service excellence. ISO 20700:2017 not only reinforces best practices among consultants but also empowers clients with tools for selecting and evaluating professional services, fostering transparency and trust in the consulting profession.

CMC-GI ISO 20700 Trainers


Dwight Mihalicz

Dwight Mihalicz

English Language Instructor

Otto Acuña

Otto Acuña

Spanish Language Instructor

Why a Course?

ICMCI developed a tool (“the check-list tool“) to put to use the ISO standard in a practical manner, ensuring both consultant and client are aligned in the key areas.

The CMC-Global Institute has pioneered since 2018 at providing this course completely asynchronous worldwide, letting learners advance at their own pace.

A variant for every audience

Catering to diverse needs, we offer three distinct versions: one for CMC-Certified Consultants, another tailored for CMC-GI members who are yet to be certified, and a comprehensive version for the general public, including introductory modules to acquaint learners with the consulting world.

Expanding Horizons: New ISO 20700 Courses Coming in 2024

Now it its 4th revision, this content keeps being updated to maintain its validity for the professional consultant and related audiences in these changing times.

In 2024, CMC-GI is set to expand its educational horizon with two new ISO 20700:2017 courses. One is a concise version crafted for Decision Makers in businesses, such as CEOs, Board Directors, and C-Suite executives. The other is specifically tailored for Procurement Officers. These courses are designed to complete the ecosystem of understanding, contracting, and delivering management consulting services, ensuring every stakeholder is equipped with the knowledge to engage effectively in this dynamic field.

Who should take this courses?

CMC-Certified Consultants

EUR 109.00

€99.00+Processing Fee

Ideal for consultants who have achieved CMC certification and seek to deepen their understanding of ISO 20700:2017 in relation to their existing expertise.

CMC-GI Members (Non-Certified)

EUR 142.00

€129.00+Processing Fee

Tailored for CMC-GI members on their path to certification, looking to integrate ISO 20700:2017 standards into their consulting practice.

General Learner / Public

EUR 186.00

€169.00+Processing Fee

Suited for individuals new or interested in the consulting profession, providing foundational knowledge of consulting and practical applications of ISO 20700:2017.

Decision Makers (Coming in 2024)

EUR 75.00

€68.00+Processing Fee

Perfect for business leaders and executives who wish to understand how ISO 20700:2017 can enhance the quality and effectiveness of management consulting services they procure. Ideal for gifting to your clients.

Procurement Officers (Coming in 2024)

EUR 350.00

€318.00+Processing Fee

Designed for those responsible for the acquisition of consulting services, offering insights into utilizing ISO 20700:2017 for evaluating and selecting consultancy providers. This is a special purpose technical course and will provide a Certification by CMC-GI about the proficiency of the learner.

CMC-GI ISO 20700 Membership Bundle

The ISO 20700 Membership Bundle

CMC-Global Institute presents an outstanding offer for consultants residing or working predominantly in countries without a national IMC. We’ve bundled our ISO 20700 General Learner Asynchronous Course with CMC-GI Membership, providing exceptional value. Here’s how it works:

  1. Indicate your interest in the bundle offer when filling out the course registration form.
  2. Pay the full fee for the General Learner/Public version of the course (EUR 189.00).
  3. You’ll receive an email with a unique code.

This code grants you a EUR 50 credit, which can be applied toward your CMC-GI yearly membership fee on the membership form. If you opt for a half-year membership in the second semester, the credit value will be EUR 25.00. This bundle is a fantastic way to gain both invaluable ISO 20700 training and enjoy the benefits of CMC-GI membership, all while making a smart saving. Take advantage of this offer to enhance your consulting skills and professional network.



Once you have submitted your case to the instructor and passed the course, you will receive a Certificate of Training by ICMCI who administers ISO 20700 worldwide through its affiliated Institutes, also, you will be listed at ISO20700.ORG as a trained consultant, providing visibility of your credential worldwide and you will receive the authorization to use both the tools and the Official ICMCI ISO 20700 logo on your commercial materials and other documents.

In the case of the Procurement Officer’s version, CMC-GI will issue a Certification of Proficiency to the learner, indicating the learner is not only trained, but has been tested on the application of the ISO 20700 Standard under a procurement environment situation applying the technical best practices a procurement officer that deals with the professional services category should have.

Hybrid Delivery Courses for Groups

Hybrid Training Program: Customized Learning for Your Team

Elevate your team’s expertise with CMC-Global Institute’s Hybrid Training Program, a bespoke learning experience designed for groups of 20 or more. This program synergizes the flexibility of asynchronous learning assets with the dynamic interaction of live sessions, led by our expert instructors. Tailored specifically to meet your group’s unique objectives, our hybrid modality offers an enriched, hands-on approach to mastering ISO 20700 standards. Live sessions are crafted to provide practical application of the standard, interactive Q&A opportunities, and specialized content targeting your group’s specific needs. Ideal for companies seeking to train employees in a cohesive, focused manner, our program ensures that your team not only learns but also applies these critical skills effectively. Inquire today to discover how our Hybrid Training Program can be customized to transform your team’s performance and understanding of management consultancy standards

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