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Showcasing our elite collaboration partners who exemplify the pinnacle of consulting excellence and embody our commitment to ethical and professional standards in the industry.

Meet our esteemed partners who champion the highest industry standards and collaborate with us in shaping the future of management consulting.

AB & Associates - Middle East

We are committed to the growth & sustainability of our partners and people

AB & Associates is a regional Management Consulting Operation Firm with its Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, and operating in most of the Middle East Countries. Through its twenty years of existence, the firm has established itself as one of the few specialized Development Firms with the Strategic Focus on REAL Human Capital Development.

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Professional Bespoke Corporate Consulting Services

We help you to realize your company’s potentials, assess your resources and manage your growth. Industry and functional insights, end-to-end capabilities and data-powered analytics to target specific areas to gain efficiencies and fuel growth. We deliver what is promised with a professional team, high quality deliverables and sustainable client relationships.

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What does it mean to be an SCP Company?

The Strategic Collaboration Partners (SCP) program is an elite initiative designed for full members of the CMC-Global Institute who are committed to exemplifying and promoting the highest standards in the consulting industry. Participating companies enter into a tri-annual agreement with the Institute, signifying a shared dedication to uphold the utmost ethical and professional values.

As part of this prestigious program, companies agree to ensure that their senior consulting officials – including partners, directors, and key consulting personnel – are certified as Certified Management Consultants (CMC). Additionally, client-facing consulting staff are required to be trained in ISO 20700 as a minimum standard. This commitment underscores the company’s dedication to excellence and aligns with the Institute’s mission to elevate the consulting profession.

Moreover, SCP members collaborate closely with the CMC-Global Institute to contribute actively to the consulting community. This includes developing an annual plan, facilitated and monitored by a dedicated project manager from our volunteer base, to engage in various collaborative endeavors. These activities range from contributing technical articles to The Review, the Institute’s newsletter, to co-developing training modules for consultants, and delivering webinars on topics of relevance to their area of expertise.

The SCP program represents a significant commitment from participating companies, reflecting a deep alignment with the CMC-Global Institute’s values and a strong dedication to advancing the field of management consulting. This partnership is not only a mark of prestige but also a testament to the company’s leadership and influence in shaping the future of the consulting industry.

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